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Baesangmyun Brewery Co., Ltd.

R4 Beer

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R4 Beer

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R4 means that it has four characteristics such as Rice, Refresh, Rich and Real.

RICE New genre rice lager that made with 100% rice
RICE It has incomparable rich scent because three different hops and 2.5x amount are used.
REFRESH You can't notice its 5.8% alc because of adequate carbonic acid
REAL From base ingredients to manufacture, it is the real Korean craftsmanship

It is aldo name of BSM Brewery's own yeast and contains the meaning that fourth generation of rice alcohol. We use multi-hopping process to brew our product.

It's exclusive method to brew alcohol that BSM Brewery developed.
Appropriate bitter taste and abundant scent are trapped in the bottle

What's Multi-Hopping
Boiling three different hops from different countries in different time to find the best proportion between bitter taste and scent.

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