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SlowCity Makgeolli Vinegar

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SlowCity Makgeolli Vinegar

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SlowCity Makgeolli Vinegar

Slowcity Makgeolli vinegar is made with SlowCity Makgeolli that contains no artificial sweetening but using only rice, malt and water.
After SlowCity Makgeolli is finished to ferment, with BSM Brewery's specialized fermentation management technology, we pasturize-cultivate-mature in traditional way. There are three kinds of vinegars that BSM Brewery has, and we proudly promote all three of them

Makgeolli Vinegar
Contains 78% SlowCity Makgeolli
Fermented rice saccharification and gray slat

Makgeolli Pepper Vinegar
Contains 87.6% SlowCity Makgeolli,
Fermented rice saccharification and gray salt,
hot pepper 4.4%, onion

Makgeolli soy sauce Vinegar
Contains 78% SlowCity Makgeolli,
soy sauce 6.7%, Fermented rice saccharification

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