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Baesangmyun Brewery Co., Ltd.

Sansachun S

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Sansachun S

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Sansachun S

Volume : 275ml
Alcohol : 7%
Expiration date : 1year from manufactured date

'The first sparkling Refined Rice Wine in Korea, Sansachun S' - This is a type of RTD liquor reflecting the current trend to drink light. It contains the beneficial ingredients (hawthorn berries, cornus fruits), used in the original Sansachun, and has an alcohol content of 7%.
The bottle has a casual design, clean white color and youthful, future-oriented and revolutionary logo to represent the new type of Korean sparkling refined wine
It goes down smooth yet leaves the mouth feeling fresh with the sweet and sour flavor of the carbonated drink.

  • 2013 : Bronze Medal at San Francisco International Wine Competition

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